Phones4Life Managed Services Program was designed to provide full support of your company's communications need for today and the future.

When you purchase or lease communications equipment, you assume the risks and responsibilities associated with ownership and operation of that system. Phones4Life Managed Services Solution considers all the costs associated with the operation of your communications system and protects you from the risks and uncertainties associated with ownership and management of advanced technology. Outsource your telecommunications to Convergence and focus your attention on your business, secure in the knowledge your requirements for an effective telecommunications system are being met, both now and in the future.

As the chart illustrates, if you purchase or lease a system, it is important for you to also consider all the costs to operate your system, not just the purchase price. In many cases these costs can ultimately equal or exceed the original acquisition cost. With Phones4Life, you will know exactly what it will cost you to maintain, operate and expand your system. These costs remain fixed for up to eight years, regardless of fluctuations in the cost of equipment and labor, effectively ensuring your investment protection!

Benefits of Phones4life

The Completely Managed Phones4Life Solution is packed with Features and Benefits.  Think of it like a VIP service for your communications system.  Never get busy signals, all your add's, moves and changes are included, providing you with peace of mind so you can concentrate on what's important - your business

  • Unlimited Phone Lines
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Rental of All Hardware and Software
  • 24/7 Repair Service
  • Network Design and Management
  • Internet Circuit Monitoring
  • Initial and ongoing Training
  • Locked in Prices for Expansion
  • Phone Upgrade Flexibility
  • Guaranteed Renewal Option w/30% Discount
  • Free System Relocation
  • Free DID's (1 Per Phone)
  • Reporting Package
  • Voicemail to Email

Advanced Features & Applications

Advanced Features - Phones4Life Offers Advanced Features and Appications to increase Productivity throughout the Organization

Unified Communicator

Unified Communicator® (UC) Advanced is Mitel's award-winning unified communications client that integrates presence and availability, secure instant messaging, audio conferencing as well as web and video collaboration with the call control capabilities of your business communications system. UC Advanced also integrates with leading business productivity tools like Microsoft Exchange®/Outlook and Office as well as IBM® Lotus Notes®.

Presence and Availability


Secure Internal Chat


Unified Communicator Mobile

Unified Communicator® (UC) Mobile (Mobile Extension) empowers users with a single phone number and a single voice mailbox while providing them with access to the business communications features they need - anywhere, anytime.

With UC Mobile, you can link – twin - your extension with your mobile device, your home phone or just about any other telephone number. An incoming call will simultaneously ring both your extension and the twinned device. The device that you use to answer the call establishes a voice path and the other device will cease to ring. UC Mobile extends a range of common PBX features to the selected twinned device and provides a truly integrated mobile and desktop experience by enabling seamlessly switching communications from one device to another.

Reporting Package

Convergence Reporting Package is a comprehensive call reporting solution that is available as either a single site or multi-site solution, and can optionally be integrated with Convergence Contact Center Management Software. Robust and reliable, it enables you to monitor and control telecommunication costs and give you a true picture of how much money is being spent and who is spending it.

The Reporting Package enables you to:

  • Monitor usage and establish call patterns for departments and work groups
  • Track, report, and control telecommunication costs
  • Perform cost recovery and carrier bill reconciliation
  • Know if costs are excessive because employees are sharing toll free lines, calling restricted numbers, or calling their friends long distance

Teleworker Solution

For companies looking to cost-effectively optimize productivity, teleworking solutions allow employees "plug and work" access to the corporate voice and data network from home or on the road, seamlessly retaining all of the features and functionality enjoyed at the office.

Advanced ACD & Call Queue

Choose how your calls are forwarded, including round-robin, simultaneous, least-time, and skills-based distributions. Keep your callers in a queue for a representative during your peak hours instead of losing them to voice mail.


Phones4Llife boasts an extensive Feature List


Service Features

  • Inbound Calling
  • 800 Inbound (requires purchase or port)
  • Long Distance Termination (includes intra-, inter-state and international)
  • Expanded Local Calling
  • Outbound calling to 888, 877, 800 numbers
  • e911
  • 411 and Operator Services
  • Inbound Caller ID and Location
  • White Page Listing
  • Toll-Free
  • Domestic and International Long Distance
  • G.711 and G.729a Codecs
  • UDP & TCP

PBX Features

  • Attendant Hold - Remote Retrieve
  • Auto Attendant
  • Callback - Cancel
  • Callback - Cancel Individual
  • Callback - Setup (one digit only)
  • Called Party Features - Override
  • Call Forwarding - Busy (External Source)
  • Call Forwarding - Busy (Ext & Int Source)
  • Call Forwarding - Busy (Internal Source)
  • Call Forwarding - End Chaining
  • Call Forwarding - Follow Me
  • Call Forwarding - Follow Me - Third Party
  • Call Forwarding - I Am Here
  • Call Forwarding - No Answer (External Source)
  • Call Forwarding - No Answer (Ext &  Int Source)
  • Call Forwarding - No Answer (Internal Source)
  • Call Forwarding - Override
  • Call Hold
  • Call Hold - Remote Retrieve
  • Call Hold - Retrieve
  • Call Park
  • Call Park - Retrieve
  • Call Pickup - Dialed
  • Call Pickup - Directed
  • Call Privacy
  • Call Record Always
  • Call Record Ad Hoc
  • Camp on - Retrieve
  • Camp on - Setup (one digit only)
  • Clear All Features
  • 6 Party Conference Call
  • Conference Call Split
  • Dialed Day/Night Service - Activate
  • Dialed Day/Night Service - Inquire
  • Direct Page
  • Direct Voice Call
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Do Not Disturb - Cancel
  • Do Not Disturb - Cancel Remote
  • Do Not Disturb – Remote
  • Flexible Answer Point
  • Flexible Answer Point Cancel All
  • Force Party Release
  • HCI/CTI Application
  • Last Number Re-dial
  • Loudspeaker Paging
  • Make Busy - Setup
  • Make Busy - Cancel
  • Meet Me Answer
  • Message Center - Direct Read
  • Message Center - Password Definition
  • Message Center - Remote Read
  • Message Waiting - Activate
  • Message Waiting - Deactivate
  • Message Waiting – Inquire
  • Mobile Extension/Cell Phone Twinning
  • Music on hold Standard
  • Music on hold Custom
  • Non-Verified Account Code
  • Override (one digit only)
  • Personal Speed call - Invoke
  • Personal Speed call - Remove
  • Personal Speed call - Store
  • Phone Lock
  • Phone Unlock
  • Remote Clear All Features
  • Remote Phone connectivity
  • Repeat Last Number Saved
  • Save Last Number
  • Silent Monitoring notify
  • Silent Monitoring do not notify
  • Multiline Set Headset - On
  • Multiline Set Headset – Off

Voicemail Features

  • Automatic Call Routing to a Mailbox
  • Automatic Message Erase/Save
  • Automatic Routing for Rotary Dial Callers
  • Call Forward to a Mailbox
  • Call Screening
  • Call Routing Mailbox
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID with Return Call
  • Calling (Logging Onto) a Mailbox
  • Calling the Automated Attendant
  • Conversation Record
  • Day, Night, and Holiday Greetings
  • Dial Action Tables
  • Directory Dialing
  • External Transfer
  • Flexible Answering Schedules
  • Flexible Call Routing
  • Flexible Mailbox Numbering Plan
  • Forced Unscreened Transfer
  • Forwarding Calls to a Mailbox
  • Forward Copy to Email
  • Group Mailbox
  • Guest Mailbox
  • Help
  • Instruction Menu
  • Last In/Last out
  • Local Notification
  • Log Onto Voice Mail
  • Master Mailboxes
  • Message Count Display
  • Message Forward
  • Message Length
  • Message Notification
  • Message Playback Direction
  • Message Reply
  • Message Retention
  • Multiple Company Greetings
  • Multiple Languages
  • Next Call Routing Mailbox
  • One-Touch Forwarding
  • One-Touch Mailbox Access
  • One-Touch Mailbox Retrieval
  • Operational History Events
  • Personal Answering Machine Emulation
  • Record a Conversation
  • Remote Log On
  • Remote Message Notification
  • Return Call (with Caller ID)
  • Screened Transfer
  • Speech Enabled AA
  • Speech Enabled Directory
  • Speech Enabled Mailbox navigation
  • Text to Speech
  • Time and Date
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • Time and Date Stamp (with Caller ID Storage)
  • Transfer by Extension
  • Transfer to a Mailbox
  • Transfer to an ACD/UCD Group
  • Transfer to an Extension
  • Transfer to the Automated Attendant
  • Undefined Routing
  • Undefined Routing Intercept
  • Unscreened Transfer
  • Urgent Message
  • Voice Mail Overflow
  • Volume Control
  • Web Mail Box Manager