Dedicated Bandwidth from Premysis Broadband.

Premysis Broadband offers enhanced data access with an intelligent, carrier-grade IP network. Premysis Broadband dynamically prioritizes your voice traffic, ensuring high call quality over your network.

Broadband Plan Pricing

Premysis Broadband comes in the following flavors:  Broadband options are cost-effective and highly-reliable delivery mechanism for Premysis Hosted VoIP services and applications.

DSL T1 Ethernet DS3
As low as $80/month As low as $239/month As low as $599/month As low as $1199/month
40Mbps-2Mbps 1.5 Mbps 10.0-88.0 Mbps 10.0-100 Mbps
Conditional Bandwidth Guaranteed Bandwidth       Guaranteed Bandwidth       Guaranteed Bandwidth      
Quality of Service Quality of Service Quality of Service Quality of Service
Teleworker SLA Supported        SLA Supported SLA Supported SLA Supported

Mitel Teleworker Software (Mitel Border Gateway)

Mitel’s Border Gateway Teleworker Software is a secure plug and play solution which manages quality of service (QOS) on DSL, Cable modems and any other unmanaged connections.

Mitel’s Border Gateway (MBG) Teleworker software provides comprehensive threat protection, strict access control, privacy and enables a high degree of quality guarantees on unmanaged connections by extending the jitter buffer, packet reordering and providing noise cancellation.

Location Restrictions

Not all Broadband options are available in all areas.  To request a quote for your location(s), please contact your Premysis Sales Representative.