Our Commitment to Service Speaks for Itself

Dear Craig and Larry:

Thanks to everyone that worked on this project for everything they did to make it go smoothly. I still haven’t exactly figured out whom works for who in this process, but it doesn’t matter – EVERYTHING went very well considering what could happen. The on-time timeliness of everything was unprecedented….deliveries, arrival of workers, AT&T coordination, installation, number porting, etc……..everything happened at exactly the time it was promised!

Darryl was outstanding – I would like to recommend a note to that effect be put into his files. Also, please pass along my verbal accolades to him. He knew his product, his job & its process and how to convey it to all of us. He was easy going, his people skills were great and his customer service was above and beyond.

The physical phones are great – weighty, nice shape to hand-set, easy workable buttons, to mention a few. I, personally, enjoy the volume that is offered as I have a hearing problem and can turn them up to a volume that I can hear and can set it at that level.

The whole phone and voice mail system is very simple to use, intuitive and “obviously instructive”. By “obviously instructive,” I mean that it within the phone we got easy, simple and obvious instructions both verbally and on the screen. Hardly need the books!

Craig – it is just what you said it would be on the phone conversation I had with you and Eugene! Thanks, our office is already very happy with the new phones and system.

All in all, a great way to end the week.

Have a good weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all.


Linda Grayson, Office Manager, The Croner Company

Mike and Larry,

You guys are the best. You’ve gone above and beyond in helping us get online.

Larry, to cancel a vacation and then spent three very long days to get us back in business –I don’t know how we can thank you enough, you’re nothing short of a HERO around here. We tried calling in to our main line this afternoon, and when it rang the office erupted in applause.

You guys have earned a loyal customer.

We greatly appreciate working with you and are confident we made a great decision bringing you aboard.

I hope you let us tell our story to your potential customers in the future.

Geza Paulovits, Chief Financial Officer, Eric F. Anderson

“What does separate [Premysis] from the pack are two important distinctions:

They are fair in their pricing packages and will work with their clients, and most importantly, Premysis is responsive about their service. When they say a service rep will be there at noon, you can book on it.

The combination of the two above makes all the difference in the world.

David T. Hood, Chief Operating Officer, Rael & Letson

Please accept our thanks for guiding us along to great systems in both our Foster City and Burlingame offices. The equipment is performing as designed and planned and the quality is everything that we had hoped for. Your technical support/installation staff has been quite helpful as well.

Ron Gable, Vice President, RE/MAX Today

The recent move of our 80,000 square feet Parts & Services Center went very well. Many thought moving this facility over a weekend was impossible.

Premysis’ assistance in planning before, hard work during the move, and on-hand support that following Monday was critical to the success.

Charles R. Mori, Executive Vice President, S&C Ford