Total Cost of Ownership

Overcoming Capital Expenses

The largest obstacle enterprise organizations face in upgrading their technology infrastructure is the upfront capital expense.  Premysis has now eliminated the need for large capital outlays by offering free and heavily discounted Mitel VoIP phones.  Potential clients with 25 or more users signing a 3-year contract can take advantage of this opportunity to access the most cost effective telephony services available.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

The Total Cost of Ownership Analysis quantifies the significant cost savings when switching from traditional phone system solution to Premysis Hosted VoIP.  Our Premysis sales team will provide prospective customers with a TCO cost analysis for customer review.  It’s important to understand all costs associated with on-premises PBX solutions.  Major costs include yearly maintenance, software licenses, and IT employee labor costs, carrier PRI costs, SIP trunking access, data center co-location charges, broadband internet, disaster recovery build out/licensing, taxes and surcharges, adds moves and changes and planned manufacture obsolescence.  Premysis Hosted VoIP requires a small fraction of the employee, hardware, and setup costs associated with an on-premises PBX.  These savings produce a substantially lower total cost of ownership.


Total Cost of Ownership

On Premise PBX vs. Premysis Hosted VoIP

Organization Information Monthly Cost per User based on 30 users example
Number of Users 30
Carrier/LD Charges $1,000/month
IT Compensation $10,000/year

Premysis Hosted VoIP Costs

One-time Charge $2,100 based on $70 per user
IP Phones, Switch, & Router $1,140 (IP Phone are free)
Subscription Charge per User $10,076/year based on $27.99/month per user average
Taxes/Surcharges $503
Employee Time 1.5 hours/month

On Premise PBX Costs

One-time Charge $4,500
Hardware $15,000
Employee Time 9 hours/month
Maintenance $1,980
Software Upgrades $1,200
Carrier/LD Charges $12,000
Taxes/Surcharges $3,000

Total Cost of Ownership by Year

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Totals
Premise $42,180 $21,460 $21,460 $21,460 $21,460 $128,020
Hosted $15,169 $13,069 $13,069 $11,929 $11,929 $65,165

Monthly Cost per User

On Premise PBX Premysis Hosted VoIP
$71/User $36/User

Free and Discounted Phone Price List

Qualifying Customers may purchase subsidized hardware from Premysis using Phones4Life sales bundle. Any hardware (including, but not limited to Conference Phones, Receptionist Expansions, Headsets, Switches, Routers, and Paging Adapters) are not discounted, and will be sold at regular price.

Model Retail Price Discounted Price
Mitel 5304 (PoE) $130.00 FREE
Mitel 5312 (PoE) $205.00 FREE
Mitel 5320 (PoE) $275.00 FREE
Mitel 5330 (PoE) $375.00 $288.95
Mitel 5340 (PoE) $475.00 $318.95
Mitel 5360 (PoE) $575.00 $418.95