Premysis Experience

We describe our mission as providing phone systems and applications with an experience that businesses love.  So what is that experience?

Premysis - We Make it Easy














Focus – We make running your business easy because you cIn a word, easy. That’s truly the Premysis experience. We make it easy.

Vendor Management – With the Premysis Cloud solution, vendor management becomes easy. We replace the phone system, the telco providers and perhaps the local distributer. We become the one stop shop. One invoice, one team and one button access to client support. Not to mention, one vendor who is accountable for your experience.

The move to the cloud – If you currently have an on-premise PBX, we make the move to hosted VoIP easy. We completely manage the process of moving to the cloud.

Applications – Our applications are easy to use. They are designed and integrated to help users take advantage of the full power of our tools. While we provide training, no special IT or telco knowledge is required to use our products.

Getting help – Simple email or call our toll free support line. Our team can answer technical questions, resolve problems and even help you develop a strategy for maximizing the impact of our business phone system.

Growth – We make growing your business easy. Unlike on-premise phone systems, we are not limited in scale. This means you can expand as you need with people working both in and out of the office. What’s more, you pay for only what you need now and grow on your terms. You don’t have to guess your maximum capacity.
an focus on the business while we focus on the phones.  All the while, we help our customers understand what activities and metrics are driving their business.

Vendor selection – Hopefully we make choosing us easy.  Clients choose us because of our experience, customer satisfaction, industry recognition, and market leadership.  We are proud of our records for reliability and customer satisfaction.

Traditionally, businesses deployed systems and applications by installing software on hardware located in their offices. Cloud Computing (which is also often called “Hosted” or “Software as a Service”) is a new paradigm in which systems are located in secure datacenters, and vendors can take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them. Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections.

Strategic Focus IT resources devoted to phone administration are not focused on key business initiatives and are not helping your company compete in your marketplace.  Selection of a cloud based alternative eliminates those IT headaches, reduces resource costs and frees up your team to work projects that relate to your core business.  If running a phone system is not a core competency of your company, why would you waste valuable resources doing it?

Unlimited Growth If you ask anyone who has had to move or expand an on-premise phone system about their experience, they probably won’t remember it fondly.   These systems have capacity limits, require frequent upgrades and are just difficult to move to new locations.

Cloud based systems do not present such difficulties.  Adding users, regardless of time and place, is seamless and unlimited.  You don’t need to guess now how many employees you will have over the next few years and you never have to worry about outgrowing your phone system’s capacity. Plus, you only pay for what you need.

Evolution As businesses grow, their needs change.  With an on-premise system you are stuck with the features the system comes with.  New features require a painful and often expensive upgrade. The cloud approach is different. By accessing one centralized software platform customers can request and take advantage of new features and capabilities, which can be added and made available to all customers at the same time without any disruption, effort or new hardware requirements.  So, choosing a cloud based telephone system is one way to future proof your business.

Mobility and Uniformity As we become increasingly mobile and remote work becomes standard operating procedure, companies are looking for ways to keep their team tied together even when they are physically apart.  With traditional phone systems, the best choice for communication while out of the office was home or cell phones. Making remote phones work with on-premise phone systems is clunky and cost prohibitive. Cloud based phone systems can make remote work seamless.  People working from home, hotels, or even the beach can make, take and manage a call just like they were sitting at their desk.

The difficulty in leveraging technology across many locations is another reason why the cloud based solutions are popular.  They allow easier implementations and uniform deployments.  Users have the same experience, and all your locations sound the same to callers.  Four-digit dialing between offices and the ability to transfer calls from one location to another improve efficiency and customer service.  In addition, locations can back each other up during peak call times or emergencies and resources in different time zones can be leveraged to meet client needs.

Disaster Recovery Most businesses have a disaster recovery plan for their data systems, but many don’t have one for their phones. Redundancy with on premise systems is complicated and expensive, so a lot of companies just don’t do it and learn to regret it after disaster strikes.

The cloud model provides an embedded continuity plan that’s built into your implementation, not just a bolted on as an afterthought.   In fact there are two types of DR plans; loss of connectivity and inability to get into the office.  While clients and prospects may assume that a bounced email is a technical glitch, they tend to regard a fast busy signal as a sign that a company has gone out of business.  Cloud based solutions allow you to protect your business’s voice just like your protect the integrity of your networks.

Premysis Technologies together with Mitel, VMware, and Level 3 Communications is the market leader in cloud based business phone systems.  Together we’ve pioneered the industry with unmatched expertise, service levels, innovation for over 30 years.

We partner with companies that are committed to the same service standards, and understand the power of cloud computing to provide real business impact for clients.  Premysis offers dedicated Team of engineers and sales consultants to provide training and support for pre-sales, implementation, post sales and ongoing management.  We have programs for channel partners as well as technology partners.

Competitive Advantage While other cloud-communications companies typically partner with open source third party software solutions and connect generic SIP IP phones that are not intrinsically design to work together, Premysis uses Mitel’s Freedom Architecture/Enterprise vMCD software with Mitel IP Phones to deliver a transparent unsurpassed feature rich user experience.  Mitel’s virtualization innovations enables us to respond to customer needs without relying on any third party developers.

Premysis is uniquely positioned to offer our clients access to a Portfolio of Mitel applications.  In addition, we offer a variety of value added services to meet the needs of every client.

Quick Facts

  • Premysis Technologies was founded in 1987 and has over 35 years of combined industry experience  provider of cloud-based phone systems for small, medium and enterprise sized businesses.
  • In 1997 Premysis entered into an exclusive business partnership Mitel and began offering  Mitel vMCD Cloud solutions in 2006.
  • We have clients across many industries including; financial services, property management, staffing, retail, legal services, professional services and not-for-profit.
  • More than 100,000 customers and in over 100 countries rely on Mitel ‘s premise and virtualized business phone system solutions and applications.

Cloud Solution Highlights

  • Mitel IP Phone included
  • Premysis engineers provide on-site professional installation, training and support
  • User activated call recording standard feature
  • Mobile Twinning standard feature
  • Executive Class large self- labeling display Mitel Model 5320 included
  • Voicemail to email forwarding
  • Consolidated Solution zero administration
  • Intrinsic reliability and disaster recovery at no additional cost
  • Unlimited domestic usage bundle
  • Enhanced customer support
  • Future proof against rapid pace on technology innovation
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • One bill to pay, single source of support for voice/data
  • Zero upfront capital expense

Premysis Cloud Communications Solutions include:
  • Phones4Life - Users receive the full benefits of the Mitel vMCD Cloud Communications system including unlimited local and U.S. & Canada long distance calling and other key unified communications features including Unified Communicator Express, Mobile Twinning, Voice Mail to E-mail, Contact Dialing, Corporate Auto-Attendant and other valuable features along with a diverse selection of business telephones and peripherals to provide premium ergonomics, feature-richness and voice quality.  Fully managed Model 5320 IP Telephone rental agreement.
  • IPOFFICE - Users receive the full benefits of the Mitel vMCD Cloud Communications system including unlimited local and U.S. & Canada long distance calling and other key unified communications features including Unified Communicator Express, Mobile Twinning, Voice Mail to E-mail, Contact Dialing, Corporate Auto-Attendant and other valuable features along with a diverse selection of business telephones and peripherals to provide premium ergonomics, feature-richness and voice quality.  Fully managed subscription agreement, customer owns IP Phones.
  • Courtesy - Users receive a subset of features including up to 200 minutes per month of local & long distance usage, & 450 standard features along with IP Model 5304 business telephones to provide premium ergonomics, feature-richness and voice quality.
  • Options & Add-ons - Mitel vMCD gives you everything you need from industry-leading phones, productivity-enhancing unified communications applications like basic conferencing and voice mail, unlimited local and outbound long distance to the U.S. and Canada and other useful features, all at an affordable fixed monthly recurring charge.
  • Support - Premysis customers have enjoyed industry-leading, first-level customer service for over five years from our Bay Area-based customer support team, and our same day service guarantee that underscores our commitment to providing real-time customer care and support