Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cloud based phone system and why would I want one?

Rather than rely on hardware and cables in a closet cloud based systems leverage systems that are located in secure datacenters.  Vendors can take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing them.  Other terms you may hear associated with cloud based phone systems include VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and hosted.

  • Will switching to a cloud based solution save me money?

Usually, but not always.   It would be disingenuous to try to answer that question without knowing what you are spending now. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind. The cost of a traditional phone system includes much more than the initial capital investment. It also includes the cost of the resources to manage and maintain it, monthly long distance bills and other hidden costs.

With PREMYSIS, you will know all of the costs of your system up front, have predictable monthly fees and an entire team dedicated to your success.  It’s a bit like comparing costs between buying a lawn mower and contracting with a service to landscape your lawn each week.

  • Don’t internet phone calls sound bad?

In some cases they can. The main factor that determines call quality is the quality of the data network on which it runs.  For our customers, a private connection to our network eliminates the negative impact Internet traffic can have on voice quality.  We insist on back-up connectivity to eliminate interruptions caused by inevitable circuit downtime.  We also monitor our carriers in order to avoid problems before they affect our customers.

  • I used Vonage/Skype/MagicJack/etc and the voice quality was terrible.  How are you different?

This type of provider generally use the public Internet, where call quality might be spotty and DSL or cable lines can go out from time to time.  This may be fine for a home-based business.  However, our clients expect perfect calls and non-stop dial tone.  That’s why we connect to our customers via a private connection.

Keep in mind that, Vonage, cable companies, and Skype are primarily selling to individuals, PREMYSIS provides service to business exclusively.

  • Do you use the public Internet to route phone calls?

The public Internet is not used to route phone calls to your office locations.  For PREMYSIS customers, a private connection to our network eliminates the negative impact Internet traffic can have on voice quality.  However, in the case of someone working from home, or an office with few users, the public Internet is utilized.  These types of users are classified as “off net” because they are not using PREMYSIS’s private connection.

  • How can you guarantee the call quality?

 Mitel’s vMCD carrier-grade solution are housed in world-class premiere data centers and connect to your office via private T-1 connections for the highest level of Quality of Service (QOS).  We groom our customer’s primary and back up connectivity to different end points to ensure redundancy.  We route calls over diverse carriers and the components of our phone system are built on and live on separate servers so there is no single point of failure.  Our multiple data centers are connected and communicate with each other.  As a result we are prepared for any possible equipment or availability issues that may arise.

  • Will I still need to buy phone service from my local telephone company?

Not for telephone use.  However, PREMYSIS’s system is VoIP and some devices still require an analog connection.  Examples include fax machines and alarm systems.  You will need to retain local service for devices of this type.

  • When I dial 911, will the emergency responders have my address?

In compliance with by the Wireless Communications and Public Safety Act of 1999 all phones will have an address registered with Dash 911.  For phones at main offices, this will be handled during installation.  People who are working remotely can log into PREMYSIS’s Web Portal to associate an alternative address with their phone number.

  • What happens if my network connection goes down?

In most cases, nothing. We insist on back-up connectivity to eliminate interruptions caused by inevitable network downtime.  If your network goes down, calls will be routed over the Internet based backup.

  • What happens if the power goes out?

If your network is configured with a backup power source, then nothing will happen.  Our Mitel phones can operate with Ethernet power.  However, even if your network does not have back up power and you are unable to access the Internet, your callers will still be able to reach voice mail and our Web portal can be used by a wireless device to forward phones to other locations or mobile phones.  This is a much better situation, than a PBX without power, which would offer your callers a busy signal, or worse, nothing.

You don’t have to worry about the power going out at PREMYSIS’s data center.  Our systems are located in carrier grade facilities with five days of backup power.

  • I have multiple locations.  Can we dial between these locations?

Absolutely.  Our system facilities 4-digit dialing between offices and remote locations.

  •  What does it mean that my service will be managed?

With PREMYSIS’s phone system, your business gets:

    • Experienced project managers to run implementations.
    • A dedicated team that monitors system issues and feature usage, proactively helping customers improve and stay “in tune” over time.
    • Focus on our customer’s customer.  The right call flow gets callers where they want to go quickly.
    • Experts to guide clients through using our advanced call center or linking phones to business applications like CRM.
  • How can I trust that my service will be available?

The PREMYSIS experience also means controlling the network to ensure perfect call quality and uninterrupted service.  We insist on private, managed connections and hot failovers for nearly every location with more than a handful of people.  Our handsets collect call-quality statistics.  We monitor the phone companies “upstream” from us, so we can route around problems before you notice them.

  • What if we have a problem – who do we call?  What if we’re not sure it’s a PREMYSIS issue?

You call us.  At a time when most companies are making it more and more difficult to reach a live person for customer support, PREMYSIS proves commitment to provide a truly managed solution for our customers with PREMYSIS help.  PREMYSIS help makes it easy to interact with a customer support expert.  If you have an issue or a question discuss with a member of the support team, simply email support@premysis.com or call us direct.

  • How long does it take to start using PREMYSIS once we place an order?

The implementation time frame is expected to be 30-45 days for standard implementations.  Staged rollouts for multiple locations will be scheduled based on client install order preference.  Delays in the provision of information, required equipment or site access can cause the process to take longer.  Your PREMYSIS project manager will work with you to keep the project on track.

  • What does the implementation fee include?

The implementation fee covers all of the programming and set up necessary to configure your system.  This includes setting up your call flow, assigning phone numbers to users and so forth.

  • Who trains my users?

PREMYSIS’s team of expert training professionals offers both remote web based training and onsite training for your users.  A special training session will be scheduled with the dedicated phone manager for each site.

  • How can we record our telephone calls with PREMYSIS?

PREMYSIS offers optional call recording service gives subscribers the ability to record phone calls and retrieve the recording via a Web interface.  All calls can be automatically recorded, or call recording can be configured for selective use with the push of a button on the telephone.

Recordings are easily retrieved through a simple web interface.  Subscribers can search for names, calling numbers, the time, the date, the duration of a call, and many other attributes.  This provides fast and easy management of recordings.  Because everything is managed in the cloud, there is no additional equipment required at your location.

  • Can I conduct conference calls?

PREMYSIS conferencing is a convenient and powerful tool for your everyday phone conferencing needs.

  • Is voicemail included?  Can my voicemail messages be transcribed and sent to me by email?

Each PREMYSIS profile has its own personal voicemail that can be managed from your PREMYSIS phone, a remote phone or PREMYSIS’s Web Portal.  You may wish to have an Auto Attendant option that allows callers to leave a message in a general voicemail box that is not associated with a user’s extension.  This voicemail box is normally accessible by the receptionist and greets callers with information specific to your company.

  • How does faxing work?  Can I receive my faxes by email?

Yes.  With PREMYSIS fax, you receive incoming faxes in your e-mail inbox.  You send outbound faxes as email attachments.

  • Can I use PREMYSIS for our Internet connection?


  • We have an existing MPLS network.  Can we use the existing MPLS network for our PREMYSIS phone service?


  • Which desktop telephones do you support?

PREMYSIS supports all of Mitel’s current 5300 series IP phone models as well as their Gigabit Ethernet (GE) variants where available.

  • Can I use a softphone for telephone calls instead of a desktop telephone?

Sure.  With the Mitel UC-a Client Softphone, users enjoy almost every feature of the  phone right on the desktop without the hardware.  You can; take, make and transfer calls, access company and personal directories, utilize speed dial, see voice mail alerts and manage voice mail and even initiate and manage conference calls.  Mitel also supports SIP based telephone.


  • Does PREMYSIS include Unified Communications (UC) features?

Unified Communications is about breaking down the barriers between your computer and your phone.  When communications are unified, you can start, continue and document a conversation from the device of your choice.  Mitel’s Unified Communications Advancedis the easiest to use cloud-based communication service for companies that want to focus on their business instead of the business of running a communications platform.

  • Is PREMYSIS integrated with Microsoft Outlook?

Yes.  PREMYSIS Connect for Microsoft Outlook can be used to dial a number contained in an email message or signature line with just a couple of clicks.

  • Can I dial telephone numbers from a web browser?

Sure.  Mitel offers a UC-a client  for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.  Once the client is installed, all telephone numbers within the browser window will be highlighted.  You can click to dial the phone number.  Just left-click to dial with caller ID enabled, or right-click to block caller ID.

  • If my users have a question, do they call me or PREMYSIS?

That’s up to you.  You may wish to have users ask questions of a dedicated person or help desk, or you can have them contact us directly.  To speak directly with a PREMYSIS customer service representative your users call support or email support@premysis.com.

  • Which reports are included?

PREMYSIS’s robust business  reports are included with every system.  This sophisticated analysis will help you track call volumes and seasonal demands, reduce caller wait times, manage sales activities, prioritize your most profitable clients and much more.